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Workshops & Group Events

I offer both online and in person group workshops and events. I really love to co-create with a group – our combined intention and energy is so beautiful and powerful! Working in Unity, together as a group, brings the work we do together to a whole new level.


Some of my workshops I present on my own, but I also love to co-create with other ascension teachers and guides. I always say that 1+1 equals much more than 2, and it is such a blessing to be able to combine my gifts and talents with that of another soul and teach together!


You can find and sign up for my upcoming workshops below. You can also purchase recordings of some of my previous events.

Skärmavbild 2023-01-05 kl. 21.59.55.png
Skärmavbild 2022-07-27 kl. 14.12.01.png
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