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Zoom online workshop with Lovisa Alvtörn

Original workshop date: September 29, 2022
Energy exchange: 211 SEK (Approx. 17 GBP, 20 USD, 20 EUR)


At the closing of the Lions Gate in August 2022, we entered into the Phase of Self-Love on our ascension journey. My dear friend Tim Whild and I held a workshop, where we did some powerful work on self-love and healing our inner child. We also shared a 21-day Self-Love Meditation Challenge that you can find here


Following the workshop with Tim, I was guided by the Venusian and the Pleiadian Masters of Light to host this event for anyone wishing to go deeper into self-love and inner child healing and receive support on your journey. It takes courage and commitment to embrace your inner child with the honest and open-hearted promise that “Everything is ok”. To truly love yourself, acknowledge your past hurts, limiting beliefs and fractures of the heart and shower your wounded inner child with loving compassion. In order to be freed from the past, once and for all. And to open up to a new level of embodiment of your I AM presence. 


It is by no means an easy job, but it may be the most powerful healing and liberating work you will do in this lifetime. For yourself – and for others. Because it all starts with YOU. As within, so without. 


With the Venusians and the Pleiadians uniting to support us, this turned out to be such a powerful and transformative event. Come prepared for a glorious healing Love boost! 



Please note that you receive the Zoom link for this recording in a PDF document directly upon purchase. Read more about this under YOUR ZOOM LINK on this page. 

Working Deeply with Self-Love – Recording

211,00 krPrice
    • Learn about the new Phase of Self-Love on our ascension pathway and why it is so powerful to truly love yourself
    • Receive tools and techniques for working with self-love and inner child healing in your everyday life
    • Participate in the sharing of experiences that may come up on your journey back into self-love, and learn how they can all help you heal, grow and expand
    • Meet the Venusian and the Pleiadian Masters of Light in a powerful and nourishing healing meditation and Light body activation
    • Service work! Together on the night we may be called to send healing to anyone or anything on the planet that needs our assistance
  • Please note that you receive the Zoom link for this recording in a PDF document. You can download this PDF directly from the Thank You page after making your payment. You will also receive an e-mail with the link to the same document directly upon purchase.


    Click “Download” in the Order Summary section, by the name, image and price of the event. Remember to check your spam folder, as the confirmation email might end up there!


    Don’t hesitate to contact Lovisa if you have any questions. 

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