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Transformation is Beautiful! Lady Venus and the Colours of Your Soul 


Zoom online workshop with Lovisa Alvtörn
Original workshop date: July 3, 2022
Energy exchange: 200 SEK (Approx. 16 GBP, 19 EUR, 20 USD)


In this deeply supportive, empowering and nourishing workshop we aspire to embrace change! Because we are really changing, growing and evolving rapidly as awakened human beings and as lightworkers on planet Earth right now. This process has been ongoing for years but at this current time it is very intense for many. We are indeed going through a rebirth, transforming to emerge out of the cocoon as the butterfly.


Lovisa has met many clients recently who are finding it hard to deal with all the upgrades in energy and are feeling tired or even depleted. There is often also an element of fear of change and fear of being seen. We may not know or fully understand what we are becoming, and this requires a lot of trust. We may also catch glimpses of our own true power and greatness and wonder – can I embody this!? Am I enough … in every sense? 


In one of Lovisa’s recent one-on-one sessions, beloved Lady Venus came through with her wisdom and support regarding this important subject. She has now asked Lovisa to share this information and build on it in a workshop, with permission from the client of the session. 


This gathering is a warm, supportive embrace for you from Lady Venus and the Cosmic Heart energies. Lady Venus is working together with the Norse Goddess of Love Freya, Butterfly Spirit and the mighty Archangel Azriel who assists us in every major transition of our lives. 


Together with your own Higher Self these powerful beings of the Light wish to help you embrace change and truly take in the beauty and splendour of your own soul. It is time for you to see your own true colours and let them shine brightly out into the world!


Please note that you receive the YouTube link for this recording in a PDF document directly upon purchase. Read more about this under YOUR YOUTUBE LINK on this page. 


Transformation is Beautiful! - Recording

200,00 krPrice

    • Receive an in-depth energy report from Lovisa on where we are currently at and the “rebirth” energies that many are experiencing at this time. 
    • Move into a state of embracing change and transformation with trust and without fear with the support of Archangel Azriel and Butterfly Spirit. 
    • Be guided by Lady Venus and Freya to see and fully accept your own true beauty and the colours of your soul. This will bring you the confidence and inner peace that you need to share your powerful Light, your gifts and wisdom with the world.



    Please note that you receive the YouTube link for this recording in a PDF document. You can download this PDF directly from the Thank You page after making your payment. You will also receive an e-mail with the link to the same document directly upon purchase.


    Click “Download” in the Order Summary section, by the name, image and price of the event. Remember to check your spam folder, as the confirmation email might end up there!

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