Private sessions with Lovisa

I offer one-on-one sessions intended to help guide you forward on your ascension pathway. 


Every session starts from your current position on your individual pathway and is tailored to meet your needs under guidance from the Angelic and Spiritual realms. 


My role is to act as a guide, channel and conduit to connect you with the Divine and help you activate your own Mastery and Wisdom. 

According to your individual needs, your session will include a combination of some of the following:

• Ascension 101 – Spiritual Newbie guidance to help you during your awakening process.

• Ascension guidance to help you find the right tools for your current step on your ascension pathway.

• Divine guidance from your higher self, spirit guides, angels and other beings of the Light intended to bring you awareness, comfort & insights for your ascension pathway in your everyday life.

• Activations – working i.e. with energy portals and your guides and angels to re-connect you with your tools, gifts and wisdom from previous Master lifetimes

• Balancing & alignment – through i.e. the colour rays, the elements, cosmic/star energies, crystal grids and the support of different angelic and ascended master energies

All my sessions normally include a personal and unique guided meditation/visualization.


A session lasts 75 minutes and the cost is 1333 SEK payable through Swish (in Sweden) or PayPal. Included in this is also the preparation time when I tune in before your session for guidance from your higher self, guides and angels which you will get as a written report after your session. The sessions are held in English or Swedish and are normally done live online through Zoom video call. Your session may be recorded for you if you like. 


To find out more and to book your session fill out the contact form below or send me an e-mail. Remember to check your spam folder for answers from me, as my e-mails may end up there. Please note that I am now fully booked for 2022.  

I look forward to connecting with you!


Thank you for your message! I look forward to connecting with you. Love, Lovisa