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Private sessions with Lovisa

I am currently not offering any private sessions. However, don't hesitate to contact me if my session calls to your heart and you would like to be put on a waiting list for when I open up for new bookings, as I will do that from time to time. 

Apart from the group events, courses and workshops that I run, I also offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions, as I have found that they are very powerful ascension boosts. The more that we all individually step into our own power and purpose, the more we also help with the collective ascension process for all of planet Earth. 

How do you know if one of my private sessions is for you? 

As an Ascension Guide I am here to guide you forwards on your ascension pathway. I do not lead, instead I walk beside you, and my intention is to help you take the lead yourself by deeply connecting inwards and listening to the guidance of your own Heart … 


As a Master Energy Anchor and Light Code Activator my role is to awaken, activate and reconnect. In the session, I hold ground for you as you are guided to remember who YOU really are, so that you can embrace more of your own Light and your own true power and purpose in this lifetime. 

Each individual session that I do is completely unique. I feel very blessed to be the conduit and anchor point for the pure magic that takes place during my sessions. Depending on your individual needs there may be powerful healing, balancing, alignments, activations … beautiful divine reconnections with other aspects of your soul, with soul family, cosmic guides, angels and other beings of the Light … as you are guided to activate more and more of your own soul wisdom and mastery.

The time has come to remember who you really are. Open your heart, embrace your own Light and Shine! 

Are you ready for a leap on your ascension journey with me as your guide? I look forward to hearing from you. 

Love, Lovisa 

The Practicalities

My private sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes (75 min) long. 

The price for a session with me is 1888 SEK. (approx. 165 EUR, 175 USD).

As soon as you book your session, the preparations on an energy level will start, so stay open and allowing to this process.  

Before your session, I will tune in with your guides, angels and higher self and write down the guidance they bring in for you. You are welcome to send me any questions you may have, but your guides always know exactly what you need most, so it is not necessary to do so.

Before the session I also write the core of a personal visualisation/meditation that I then guide you through and expand on in your session. This is usually the main part of the session where most of the magic takes place …

After your session you will receive the written report with the guidance and your meditation. 

My sessions are held either in English or in Swedish. All sessions are normally done live via Zoom, and may be recorded for you if you like.


Thank you for your message! I look forward to connecting with you. Love, Lovisa

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