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I am thrilled to share with you this magical

co-creation between myself and my beautiful, powerful and divinely gifted friends Doni Amoris and Tim Whild: The Asgard Illumination Scarf Collection.


You can read more about the scarves and the gifts brought to us now by the Norse Masters of Light and also order your own scarf via Doni's website:


Goddess Freya: Divine Love - Strength - Beauty

Allfather Odin: Mastery - Wisdom - Manifestation 

Yggdrasil: Oneness - Transformation - Divine Order

Energy | Love | Protection

The Light of the North shines brightly on Earth during this period of great transformation. As we enter the New Golden Age, the Norse Masters have powerful energetic gifts to share with us all.


The Gods and Goddesses and the Sacred Symbols of the Viking Age infuse us with courage and divine harmony, guiding our hearts to fully embrace our own infinite light and the eternal wisdom from Within. 


As we move into the new phase of the ascension process, the Norse Gods, as they were tested many times, are stepping forward to assist us to reclaim our own power. They hold and support us with light, power, strength, divinity, and unconditional love.


This is their message for you: It is time to step into your Mastery, it is time to love yourself fully, it is time to be who you came here to be.


The Asgard Collection of scarves was channeled in divinely guided co-creation by Doni Amoris, Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild, to share the powerful Norse Master energies in the purest form possible with you. 


It is our intention that the runes, light-codes, sacred colors, and the energy matrix of these scarves support you as you bravely step into your Light as a Walking Master of the New Golden Age.


With much Love, Gratitude and Golden Wisdom!

Doni, Lovisa & Tim 





The collection: The Illumination scarves, created by Doni Amoris, are a unique form of powerful spiritual technology. 

Their purpose: to uplift and protect your Light Body and deepen your intimate connection with the Divine. 

The Asgard Collection has been co-created by Doni Amoris, Tim Whild & Lovisa Alvtörn, who all carry deep connections to the Norse Master energies. It consists of three magical scarf designs: Goddess Freya, Allfather Odin and Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Norse mythology.

The scarves are carefully made with love by a small Italian company. They have been abundantly infused with blessings and high vibrational energies every step of the way.  Fabric: 85% modal, 15% silk. Size: 140 x 180 cm.

Skärmavbild 2022-10-09 kl. 12.47.19.png

The Light of Asgard – Join Doni, Tim & Lovisa in this free recorded event where we introduce the Asgard Illumination Scarf Collection to you and share a powerful energy transmission from beloved Freya, Odin and the World Tree Yggdrasil. 


Watch our

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