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Recording with Pernille Eisenhardt & Lovisa Alvtörn

Original workshop date: November 10, 2022

Price: 233 SEK



The I AM Presence is the highest level of awareness available to you on Earth. Your I AM Presence highlights that you – each day, in each moment, in each encounter – are creating and recreating yourself. You are constantly in the flow of creation. With your I AM Presence you call in aspects of your future, you heal and eliminate your past, and you shape and co-create your environment here and now. Another word for it, is your Monadic Consciousness. But your I AM Presence brings in another aspect of understanding – of your creative forces.


In these turbulent times, it is a strong tool to take ownership over your own creative powers. It is also equally important to know how to manifest, for your highest good – and the highest good of the collective. To assist you with this, in this event we will visit the majestic Citrine Skull in the Atlantean Temple of the Sun and Life-force to connect you to the wisdom from your I AM presence. 


In this online workshop Lovisa and Pernille will be guided mainly by Melchizedek, the Shekinah and the Holy Spirit - under the law of Grace. You will also connect with Archangel Uriel and Archangel Metatron. We will be working with very high frequency energies, so we start with a strong and powerful grounding under the assistance of Serapis Bey in Hollow Earth.



    Please note that you receive the Zoom link for this recording in a PDF document directly upon purchase. 

    Stepping Into Your I AM Presence – Recording

    233,00 krPrice
      • Ground in deeply and solidly via Serapis Bey’s Golden Pyramid in Hollow Earth
      • Connect with Melchizedek and receive a blessing from the Shekinah
      • Connect with the Holy Spirit to purify your 4-body system
      • Visit the Atlantean temple of the Sun and Life-force to anchor in your I AM presence
      • Connect with the Majestic Citrine Skull of Life-force and receive a download of keys and codes to assist your Ascension
      • Service work: Under Grace reconnect the Monadic Collective Consciousness.
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