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On the powerful 9.9 Gateway 2021, I was called by the wondrous Universal Angel Mary and her twin Flame beloved Archangel Raphael to host a workshop to reawaken and expand our Alta Major and Higher Heart chakras. Reawakening and unlocking these two chakras at a 5D level, will bring your whole chakra system a wondrous upgrade and a new balance.


In this workshop you will:

  •  work with your Alta Major chakra – the Divine Feminine third eye – at the back of your neck at the base of your skull, to clear and reawaken it at a higher level.


  • work with your Higher Heart chakra – or Universal Heart chakra – between your heart and your throat. As your Alta Major opens fully this allows for the reawakening of the Higher Heart, giving you access to your True Intuition and Divine Will.


  • gain new balance in your entire chakra system as the awakening of the Alta Major and the Higher Heart allows for an expanded awareness and inflow of higher dimensional energies. This will lead to a new balance between our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine energies.


  • gain a new level of access to your True Vision through all of your different senses, both physical and psychic ones. Mary and Raphael are saying that as the Alta Major and the Third Eye come into balance with one another, “that which was previously invisible to the human eye shall be made visible”. This is led by the Higher Heart also, as we relearn to filter all of the energies that flow in through our different senses directly through our Higher Heart. 


Join me for an amazing and transformative journey in this recording, under the loving care of the powerful Divine Feminine energies of Universal Angel Mary, accompanied by her twin flame the wondrous Archangel Raphael. Time for balance they say, time to unlock your heart and your senses to see the world with brand new eyes!


Love, Lovisa

Reawaken your Alta Major & your Higher Heart – Recording

200,00 krPrice
  • 1h 20 min

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