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”Ra na-ka shia na he, na om ra, na ik, a-na kia. Ra na-ka shia na-ish, a na soma he. So so so.”

Anchor points for love

In this spot I opened a portal several years back, to stabilize and harmonise the energy of the property. The family who lived here then and held the energy of this portal since moved, and a new family has moved in. They are also very open to spirituality and so I told them about the work we had done here and that there was a crystal buried in the ground that holds this dome of light around the house and property. They now sent me these beautiful photos of the family dog coming to sit on the exact spot of this anchor point, where the crystal lies. Feel the Love! How beautiful is that! And how in tune isn't this lovely dog with the energies around him. Bless his beautiful heart.

If you are wondering about portals, what they are and how to work with them, do have a look at the video I did with my dear friend Tim Whild after our workshop Portals to the Cosmic Heart this fall:

Love Lovisa

December 7, 2021

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