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Happy 1st of June, lovelies!

I feel the energies are a bit challenging this morning so I am sharing some support from my beautiful citrine ankh accompanied by some summer flower love.

This photo is actually from the day I received this ankh in the mail after purchasing it from Tim Whild back in the summer of 2017!

The ankh is the symbol of the 5th dimensional heart chakra and it was the symbol that first drew me in when I was waking up spiritually that very summer of 2017. I invite you to just breathe its energies into your heart and feel the connection to the Cosmic Heart of Venus. From there breathe these energies out into all of your bodies and fields, with your Heart Light.

The incoming energies at the moment are super intense. It seems for many like we are on a roller coaster energy wise right now, more so than ever. But we are receiving very high frequencies, they are stirring up what is still lingering and in need of being released and we are also processing and integrating big time, so try to flow with this, it is intense for sure!

And beneath it all ... can you feel all the sparkles and gold, sparkles and gold!?! There is lots of anticipation and joy in the air. Rest in that, too! You are doing an amazing job and your guides and angels are cheering you on. And they are constantly sending you so much love, and so much gratitude for all the work that you do.

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