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I AM the Love that Flows, I AM the Flame of the Rose

The energies keep being very intense, and it is so important for each and every one of us to stay centered, in our power and integrity and not allow the energies of others/the collective to interfere with our own energy fields. Stay focused, beautiful ones! Stay in Love, stay in Peace. This is easier said than done sometimes, isn’t it. The Violet Flame goes a long way, as does Archangel Gabriel’s Diamond energy and the Golden Flame of the New Golden Age; do remember to use them, or any other energy hygiene practice that you have, daily. Find what feels most comforting, clearing and empowering for you, and stick with it! The example that I am sharing with you today, is a beautiful little mantra that I received from Spirit this morning while riding my bike to work. It really made me feel the Love flow in, anchor in through me, and then flow out into the world, washing away all lower energies in its path ... Love conquers anything. Love can move mountains. Thank you to my dear friend and Star Sister Renée/Star Johnson who created the stunning artwork.

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