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I AM eternal Freedom. I AM the Breath of Growth. I AM limitless Expansion. Among the Stars I float.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Good morning beautiful souls! Here's another little soothing and empowering mantra from my heart to yours.

If you are feeling a little trapped, maybe weighed down by the current state of the world (and your own personal world) ... Maybe a bit tired, overwhelmed, disconnected, at a loss ... or just in need of a little break. I invite you to rest in the freeing, expansive Star Light, in the loving embrace of the Cosmos with this mantra now. Breathe your Freedom in, it is yours to hold! Feel yourself expand! You are doing an awesome job, you are growing and rising so quickly. Be kind and gentle to yourself, remember how much the Heavens love you. And remember who you are - you Child of the Stars. Showering you with Star Light and Love, Lovisa

January 7, 2022

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