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Gratitude to 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

- the year of Purification and Transformation within the physical cocoon ... The year of inner Expansion and Exploration of all that is to come ... in 2022!

Welcome in the blessed Golden Diamond Sparkles of the New, of the Future YOU!

I am looking back at the year of 2021 and giving so much gratitude for all that it has brought us. Isn't it true indeed that it seems darkest just before the Dawn! Thank you 2021 for being a great teacher. Gratitude from the depths of my Heart for so much new awareness and leaving behind of all that no longer serves us, for so much release of all that has been holding us back, so much transformation while letting go of old fears and limitations, so much inspiration as we awaken to and connect more and more with our true purpose and inner spark ... so much empowerement as we step back into our full power and sovereignty ... so much joy and flames of passion to be co-creating with our soul family once more ... so much bewilderment and awe to be a part of this NOW moment of the Great Re-Awakening at the entrance point to the New Golden Age of Earth! Welcome 2022 - we can already feel your Golden Glow! We cannot wait to see what you hold in store! The year of Realisation, the year of Great Expectation, the year of Confirmation. We Are who we say We Are. We are the Masters of our own Destiny, we are the Children of the Sun, the Daughters and Sons of the Stars. We are here to Sparkle and to Shine and the time to do so is NOW! With loving New Year blessings of Light and Love, Lovisa Electra Neptuna Ra December 31, 2021, 01.33 AM

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