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We are the Rising Sun

Let us Shine together!


With Lovisa Alvtörn & Anna Indra Larsson


Original workshop date: May 5, 2022


The time has come for us to Shine together in Unity as One Sun – the Sun of the New Golden Era. 


If you long for strength, support and more energy in your life and in your role as a Lightworker – this workshop is for you! It will be beautifully supportive and empowering for anyone feeling the need for a little help to trust in your Power and really stand in your own Light and your Truth as a Lightworker.


We have been guided to receive the Light of the New True Sun in magical co-creation with those who feel called to join us. This Sun is rising above the horizon right NOW!  


It is the Sun of the New Golden Age and the message from our main guides in this workshop: Archangel Metatron, Atlantean High Priest Lord Voosloo, the Sun God Ra and the Goddess of the Dawn Aurora, is that WE are the Rays of the New Sun. Isn’t it stunning! The time has come to really see and feel this within ourselves, within our hearts.


In Love and Joy,

Lovisa & Anna Indra



Please note that you receive the YouTube link for this recording in a PDF document directly upon purchase. Read more about this under YOUR YOUTUBE LINK on this page. 

We are the Rising Sun - Recording

255,00 krPrice
    • Learn more about the Sun of the New Golden Era that is rising above the horizon right now, and how this shift is affecting planet Earth. Everything that was once hidden is now being lit up, to be released for good … 
    • In guided meditation – travel to the magical Temple of the New Dawn in the near future, to receive healing, balance and support. There you will see yourself in all of your Humanity and all of your Divinity. When you do this with love and acceptance, you are ready to Shine your Light fully out into the World! 
    • Together as ONE with all of the participants in the workshop Shine as the New Sun and infuse the world with this Light. This is powerful and much needed service work for all of planet Earth. 
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