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With Lovisa Alvtörn & Pernille Eisenhardt

Original workshop date: March 21, 2022


We are at a crucial point in the ascension process on Earth. As we are moving closer and closer to the New Golden Age, everything that is not of a 5D vibration in our society and within ourselves is being highlighted and brought out into the light. This is happening so that humanity as a whole can choose a higher pathway. 


The reaction on a 3D level to what is playing out as this is brought up to the surface, is a lot of fear and division in the collective consciousness. But if you tune in on a higher frequency level, you may feel the strong presence of  a completely different energy – Peace. 


Humanity needs to come together now and cocreate the future we wish to embrace and step into. We as Lightworkers are called, now more than ever before, to hold the energy of Peace to help humanity reach this state. And when we work with our Monad at a higher consciousness level in Unity and Oneness, we can truly accomplish miracles! 


In this workshop you will be guided by Lovisa and Pernille to connect and work with your Monadic presence and consciousness at different levels. You will receive guidance by your own mighty Monadic presence as to your next steps and your highest purpose in this lifetime. Your Monad can be described as your original Divine Spark, your Over-Soul or I AM presence.


This is both a call for individual growth and for planetary, galactic and universal service. After connecting in with your own Monadic presence, you will work at an even higher frequency level: interconnecting your Monad with other Monads to hold the energy of Unity, Oneness and Peace for all of planet Earth, as One mighty web of Light. 


Our guides in this event are amongst others: Archangel Uriel – the Angel of Peace, Lord Voosloo – Chohan of the Yellow Ray of Harmony and Perfect Balance, the Mighty Venusian Lord of Light Sanat Kumara and beloved Master Mahatma Gandhi who has this message to share with you today as channeled by Pernille for this event:


“You are all individualizations of God’s energy and lifeforce. And in that point, you are all alike. So very much alike. When you see that and know that - Peace resides in humanity.” 


    Monadic Consciousness & the Energy of Peace - Recording

    220,00 krPrice
      • Connect with your Monadic presence and consciousness at different levels. 
      • Be guided by your Monadic presence for your future steps in this incarnation.
      • Be gifted the Flame of Loving Peace to embody the energy of Peace in your everyday life.
      • Work at a very high soul frequency level with the interlocking of Monadic consciousnesses, to assist with the ascension process of the entire planet by strengthening the energies of Unity, Oneness and Peace on Earth. 
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