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Embodying Your Solar Self - Pre-Solstice Midnight Sun Lightbody Activation
Recording with Lovisa Alvtörn & Tim Whild

Original workshop date: June 4, 2024

Length of recording: 1 h 35 min


Price: 252 SEK (Approx. 22 EUR, 24 USD, 18,50 GBP)

(Please note that 252,00 kr simply means 252 kr and 0 öre/cents. In the US it would be written 252.00 kr)


Beloved Child of the Sun! The time leading up to the Solstice is always very powerful … This year, in the Northern hemisphere, the energies are building up for the most powerful Summer Solstice yet. We have now reached the point in our Ascension process on Earth when we are ready to fully embody our own Solar Selves. Fully empowered, with both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Creation codes available to us for the first time since the Fall of Atlantis …


The Winter Solstice of the Southern hemisphere is equally important as it is beautifully holding and balancing this process, with the focus on the aspect of the profound rebirth that we are collectively going through at this time following on the April Solar Eclipse. You may feel like you haven’t quite landed yet, in the new you. That you aren’t quite sure yet, where your heart wants to lead you now. But if you lean into the rays of the Sun with an open heart, all will become clear …


Join Tim, Lovisa and their Solar teams of Light for this beautiful and transformative pre-solstice healing and activation session. Working with the energies of the Northern Midnight Sun – it is time to embody your Solar Self!


In Love and the brightest of Sun Light,

Lovisa & Tim 


In this workshop you will:

· Get an up-to-date energy report focusing on the role of the Sun and why it is so important at this time in our Ascension process. Tim and Lovisa will share their collected wisdom and knowledge about the Temple of the Sun, our Sun, the 7 Galactic Suns, the Great Central Sun, our own personal Inner Sun and more!

· Receive a powerful heart healing via the Cosmic Heart of Venus, with joy, abundance, regeneration and motivation codes from Vesta and Helios – the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine embodiments of the Great Central Sun.

· At the powerful time leading up to the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere – connect with the Norse Sun Goddess Sunna and receive a transformational Midnight Sun Lightbody Activation to embody your own Solar Self.

· Tune into the energy of beloved Archangels Metatron and Aurora with their Solar angels, dragons and elementals, to see what they would like us to do as a group on the night. This is high level service work which will be given to us during the event.


Please note that you receive the Zoom link for this recording in a PDF document directly upon purchase. Read more about this under YOUR ZOOM LINK on this page.

Embodying Your Solar Self with Lovisa Alvtörn & Tim Whild - Recording

252,00 krPrice
  • Please note that you receive the Zoom link for this recording in a PDF document. You can download this PDF directly from the Thank You page after making your payment. You will also receive an e-mail with the link to the same document directly upon purchase.


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    Don’t hesitate to contact Lovisa if you have any questions. 

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